Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project (MLK Mural) is an Arts organization, which focuses on the arts, youth development, and education. MLK Mural was founded in 2002 by Artist and Muralist Kyle Holbrook originally from the Wilkinsburg area of Pittsburgh(The Hood). His vision was to use public art as a way to reach kids over the summer months to do positive community work when they were not in school. Today as many as 6,000 youth and hundreds of professional Artists have shared that vision with Mr. Holbrook. Murals have been painted in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida,  Illinois, Indiana, new Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, West Virginia, DC, Nevada, California. Outside in the US in Portugal, Uganda, England, France, Ireland, Germany, Nicaragua, Israel, Haiti, Bahamas, and Brazil. (43 Countries and 27 states) 

MLK Mural is aiming to continue engaging youth of all races and ethnicities in the transformation of their communities by teaching them the art of Mural production and providing them with opportunities to participate in the beautification of their town, cities and districts. S.E.L.(Social Emotional learning through MLK Mural’s patented rigorous curriculum. MLK also has a team building curriculum suited for corporations, colleagues, staff and faculties to work together on a work(s) of public art.

The process involves collaboration with Artists, schools, community groups, foster homes, juvenile justice halls, churches, and after school programs. MLK has hundreds of previous Mural projects located in more than 56 cities in the United States, the Caribbean, and South America, which are seen by an estimated 50 million people annually. As of 2019, as many as 45,000 young men and women have participated in MLK’s Murals.

The dimensions are larger than life. The colors are purposefully vivid and visually stimulating. The narratives woven into the Murals are of great historic significance. Most importantly, we are developing the vast Artistic and intellectual wealth represented by our gifted youth. Children and young adults learn together about the historic significance of their own neighborhoods, and then translate what they learn into images they create on the walls, giving them a voice and the freedom to express their thoughts. This is how we Move the Lives of Kids with Community Mural Projects.

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