“Help paint the new Roberto Clemente mural” - Tribune Review 6.20.19

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“Fans break down, cry at sight of mural at Roberto Clemente museum” - Tribune Review 6.21.19

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“Officers take orders from Street Artist”- Local 10 Miami 9.10.18

“colorful, Inclusive, ‘Moving Lives of Kids’ mural on Police Station - Sun - Sentinel 9.11.19

“Police, Liberty City Kids Paint Mural in honor of Gun violence victims” - Chanel 10 8.7.19

“Puerto Rico Hope Mural” - Miami Herald 1.7.18

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“Inauguran este sábado en Wynwood un mural dedicado a Puerto Rico”- Diario Las Americas 1.6.18

“Why these artists aren’t in Wynwood”- Miami Herald 12.23.18

“1,200 foot mural painted with 9 artists and 58 youth during the summer” - el Nuevo Herald 8.21.18

“Kyle Holbrook’d Healing wall” - Action News - 10.2.17

“Officers and Youth Paint a Mural in Response to shooting of unarmed teens” - Chanel 4 Miami 9.11.19

“Kyle Holbrook paints a mural to honor Victims of Las Vegas shooting and Gun violence victims in PGH” - KDKA 10.3.17

“Miami police Station Mural” - MPD VLOG 7.12.18

“1,200 Painted in Honor of the World Cup” - Chanel 7 - 7.10.18

“Neighborhood Artists Bring Color to Overtown” - Miami Herald 1.19.17

“Houston artist and Miami Artist paint mural for Hurricane irma and Harvey Victims” - WPXI 9.30.17

“Artist Say Landlord won’t pay for the murals they commissioned” - Miami New Times 2.17.17

“Proud to be from Pittsburgh” - WPXI 10.28.16

“Summer mural project addresses gun violence in Pittsburgh “ - City Paper 8.10.16

“Kids and Artists Paint Massive World Cup Mural” - Chanel 6 Miami 7.16.18

“Young Pittsburgh artists protest gun violence through art” - Post Gazette 7.13.16

“Pittsburgh Teens Paint Murals to Condemn Gun Violence” - Pittsburgh Magazine 7.12.16

“Teen Artists Paint Murals With Hope Of Curbing Gun Violence” - WESA-NPR -All Things Considered 7.13.16

"Los Suenos Mural: Realizing a dream" - Wynwood Murals 03.08.16

"America By Kyle Holbrook, Chris Savido, multiple artist" - Pittsburgh Murals and Public Art 01.11.16

"International Artist Unite To Create Wynwood's Largest Mural To Date" - Miami New Times 12.15.15

"The Juice Foundation Celebrates 5th Annual Fashion For A Cost at The Moore Building" - worldredeye 10.25.15

"Anti-Smoking mural by multiple artists" - Pittsburgh Murals and Public Art 11.10.15

"The Redd Up Mural by Kyle Holbrook" - Blogspot - 11.10.15

“Miami artist makes his mark in Cape Town with giant mural” - News 24- South Africa 7.6.19

“Woodstock mural inspired by diversity” - Capetown Times 6.6.19

"Local Artists Paint Mural" - CBS Pittsburgh 

"Jazz Greats by Kyle Holbrook, Chris Savido, Ashley Hodder" - Pittsburgh Murals and Public Art 09.08.15

"East Busway Mural by multiple artists" - Pittsburgh Murals and Public Art 09.06.15

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"Larimer" - Rebuild Together Pittsburgh

"In-penn-hills-fall" - issuu 

"Kyle Holbrook Founder/Executive Artist MLK Community Mural Project" - imaginepittsburgh  

"Pittsburgh Honors memory of Negro Leagues Homestead Grays" - TSExpo 

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"President Bill Clinton Visits Liberty City for Community Service Project" - 6 South Florida 03.08.2015

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"73 Graffiti Artists Tagged A 'Prisin-Like' School To Show That Low-Income Kids Deserve The Arts Too" - Huffington Post 02.18.15

"The power of purpose: 6 Pittsburgh "B Corps" on a mission" - NEXTpittsburgh 01.13.15

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"Seven Best Places to See Street Art in Pittsburgh" - ImagineP!ttsburgh.com 11.07.14

"100 Black Men of South Florida Career fair & College Expo" - 100 Black Men Of South Florida, INC 11.04.14

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"VIDEO: Students pain mural of 'Penguins Greats'" - NEWS wpxi.com 10.09.14

"Pressley Ridge students create new permanent art mural downtown" - POPcity 10.08.14

"Unen esfuerzos para crear mural con jóvenes artistas en escuela de Brownsville" - Miamidiario.com 10.07.14

"Mural August Wilson by Kyle Holbrook, Edward Rawson" - Pittsburgh Outdoor Murals and Art

"August Wilson Mural Dedicated In The Hill District" - Yahoo 10.02.14

"August Wilson Mural Dedicated In the Hill District" - CBS Pittsburgh 10.02.14

"August Wilson Mural Dedicated In The Hill District" - Youtube 10.02.14

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"Miami Marine Stadium" - Corbis images 09.20.14

"Stock Photo" - Alamy 09.20.14

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"Breaking the Cycle by Roberto Maxwell Multiple" - Pittsburgh Outdoor Murals and Arts 

"Mad Mex Oakland by Lucas Stock Doug Brunner Multiple" - Pittsburgh Outdoor Murals and Arts August 2014 

"MLK Project honors August Wilson, strives to 'break the cycle'" - The Pitt News 08.26.14

"MLK Project honors August Wilson, strives to 'break the cycle'" - The Pitt News 08.25.14

"Mural paints a different picture" - The Northside Chronicles - 08.19.14

"Mural gives youngsters chance to shine, memorialize Pittsburgh playwright" - The China Post 08.19.14 

"Mural gives youngsters chance to shine, memorialize Pittsburgh playwright" - USA News 08.18.14

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"BKU Summer Series - Article 6: A Day all of the BKU Children will remember" - Bright Kids uganda 06.28.14

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"The bus stop here: Northwestern students, volunteer transform bus bench into murals" - The Miami Times 05.01.14

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"Public art beautifies Semple Street" - OPDC 09.18.13

"Moving The Lives Of Kids' New Mural At Penn And 29th" - The Strp 09.18.13

"Children at Auberle in Mckeesport paint murals in new therapy process" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 09.12.13

"Metro Briefs September 12" - The Jewish Chronicle 09.11.13

"Mckeesport Auberle mural project inspires peace through painting" - Trib Total Media  09.10.13

"Art project gives youth in Auberle programs an opportunity" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 09.05.13

"Mural Touts Stalwarts" - South Florida Times 08.29.13 

Auberle Youth Unveil Mural Project as Part of Therapeutic Treatment Digital Journal 08.28.13

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"'Admiral Perry' mural" - Post Gazette 08.17.13

"'Persephone' mural" - Post Gazette 08.17.13

"'We Fall Down but We Get Back up' mural" - Post Gazette 08.17.13

"'Martin Luther King' mural" - Post Gazette 08.17.13

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"North Side students put souls in mural" - Post Gazette 08.03.13

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"Omni: Kyle Holbrook Streetart" - Flickr 12.20.11

"Omni: Kyle Holbrook Streetart" - Flickr 12.20.11

"Fundraiser for Father Ryan Arts Center set for Oct. 15" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10.06.11

"Gallery Crawl extends reach" - The Globe 09.26.11

Art Expo Miami Modern Luxury Miami 2011

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"Mural adds some color to Observatory Hill" Northside Chronicle 09.08.11

"TRIPPIN' Newsletter" - Trip 09.11

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"Daly, Mediate reign in Southpointe shootout" - Triblive 08.31.11

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"City mural is bright reminder of diversity" - east liberty.org 08.22.11 

"Photographs of See the Sound MLK Community Mural Project Exhibit Opening on 8/17/11" - Soul of Miami 08.18.11

"See the Sound: MLK Community Mural Project Exhibition Opening" - Allevents 08.17.11

"[Community] Paradise Gray x MLK Mural Project for Mulberry Church" - Jenesis Magazine 08.09.11

"MLK Is Also Moving the Lives of Kids Through Murals -  Pop City 07.27.11

"Larger Than Life" - Miami New Times 07.07.11

"FIU Frat Brothers and Art Students Help Kids Create Mural for Miami's Children" - The Roman Show 07.06.11

"GFF partners with MLK (Moving the Lives of Kids) Community Mural Project on the Little Haiti Community Mural Project" - Green Family Foundation 07.11

"Art Restoration: Project replaces blight with art, education" - Pittsburgh City Paper 06.30.11

"'There's a lot of hope here'" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 01.18.11

"Earthquake Memorial Mural" - Little Haiti Optimist Club 01.12.11

"Local Artists Commemorate Haiti Earthquake with Little Haiti Mural" - Miami New Times 01.12.11"

"Haiti Earthquake Remembrance Candlelight Ceremony & Mural Unveiling" - thebahamasweekly.com 01.11.11

"MLK - Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project" - UVU 2011

"Campaign Underway to Rehab August Wilson's Childhood Home" - Pittsburgh Urban Media 

"ARTOPIA Art Center - Season Opening" - miamiartzine 11.11.10

"Strength Inc. agency wins support to support at-risk adolescent" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 11.08.10

"Strip District MLK Mural Unveiling" - New Pittsburgh Courier  10.13.10

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"Will the World Change Haiti?" - Pittsburgh Quarterly Fall.2010

"City murals blooms thanks to artistic kids" - goeri.com 11.03.09

"G-20 Mural Video"- TurkNet 09.25.09

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"Senior School Art Students Help Paint G-20 Mural Downtown"- Shady Side Academy 09.18.09

"For Good"- Post Gazette 09.16.09

"Pittsburgh Artists Come Together To Create G-20 Mural"- Shout Back 09.09

"Stained Glass Mural to be Unveiled "- One 09.04.09

"MLK Mural Project Brings Artwork To City "- KDKA News 08.07.09

"A "green mural" and a "dance mural" are new wrinkles in the Moving the Lives of Kids summer art program."- Visit Pittsburgh 08.06.09

"Community Mural Project moves to Ross Park Mall "- Trib Total Media 08.06.09

"Mural Project designed to Strengthen Community"- Gigapan 08.04.09

"AWC, National City partner on Downtown mural project "- High Beam 07.30.09

"MLK Community Project"- Pittsburgh Collective Craft 07.29.09

"Mural Project to mix art, dance at Dance Alloy Studios "- Total Trib Media 07.16.09

"A landmark building gets a new look" - Q City Metro 07.06.09

"MLK Community Project Orientation 2009"- Vimeo 06.09

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"Public Art Critics Muralist at odds with community over Beechview painting" - pghcitypaper.com 10.02.08

"MLK Mural Project Party at PCA"- Pittsburgh Galleries 09.26.08

"Duquesne mural depicts a time that 'must not be forgotten" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 08.28.08

"MLK Mural Comes to Mt Lebanon" - Blog-Lebo 08.08.08 

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"Community Connections"- Sprout Fund 07.23.08

"Youngsters painting community murals"- The Daily News 07.22.08

"Carnegie In line for another Mural"- Tribune-Review 07.17.08

"Mural work paints promise for city youth"- Tribune-Review 04.26.08

"Busway mural project to expand"- Post-Gazette 04.26.08

"Allegheny County to expand busway mural project"- Post-Gazette 04.25.08

 "African American History" - Brotha Ash Productions 02.29.08

"Art Company, Inc." - Matthew Newton 12.01.07

"The Art of Peace"- WQED OnQ 11.06.07

"Inside the Tu Pac Center Vandalism" -  XXL Magazine 10.31.07

"Local Teens Are Among the Artists Painting Murals" - Pgh City Paper 08.022.07

"Onorato Unveils Mural Along East Busway"- Allegheny County 08.20.07

"Public Murals ProliferatingCommunities" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 08.09.07

"What They're Doing on Summer Vacation" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 07.30.07

"City Mural is a Bright Reminder of Diversity" -: East Libert Post 07.24.07

"Mural Project Brings Area Teenagers Together" - KDKA with video 07.20.07

"Their Palette Brings Faces of City Alive" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 07.18.07

"Murals Add Splash of Color to Busway" -Pitt news 07.18.07

"Murals Mirror Aspirations; Mark Communities" - The Pittsburgh Courier 07.12.07

"Wilkinsburg Native Helps Brighten East Busway" - Your PennTrafford 07.11.07

"Wilkinsburg Native Helps Brighten East Busway" - Woodland Progress 07.11.07

"Wilkinsburg Native Helps Brighten East Busway" - Your Plum 07.11.07

"Community Art Project on East Busway" - Allegheny County News 07.05.07


"Mural Artist Helps Troubled Teens" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 07.03.07

"Trade Show Expo Internet Newsletter" - Trade Show Expo 08.31.06

"Collier: Integrating majors death knell for black baseball" - Post Gazette 07.09.06

"Pittsburgh Celebrates All-Star Week" - Allegheny County Scrapbook 07.07.06 - 07.11.06 

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"Wood and Franklin Street, Wilkinsburg: Pittsburgh Mural Center" Blogger 2005 

"America by Kyle Holbrook Chris Savido Multiple" - Pittsburgh Outdoor Murals and Art 2005

"Too bright, too happy Funeral home obscures vivid public-service mural with landscaping" - Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12.01.04

"The Mural of the Story" - Pittsburgh City Paper 08.05.04

"Kids Paint Mural During Wynwood Art Walk" - Miami Herald

"Artists Gather to Paint Mural, Honor Haiti Year After Earthquake" - Miami Herald

"Student Journalism Institute" - NY Times

"Miami Dolphins Help Create Remembrance Mural to Commemorate The Victims And Survivors Of The Haiti Earthquake" - Sports Business Wire

 "FIU frat brothers and art students help kids create mural for Miami Childrens - West Miami-Dade " - Miami Herald

"Mural Proposed for Former Swanson's Pharmacy" - Your Penn Hills

"MLK Community Mural Project Creates More Than Just Artwork" - JENESIS Magazine

 "Smooth Traveler: Pittsburgh’s Griots "-The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

 "WOLF SENATUS on the Little Haiti Memorial Mural" - Little Haiti Mural

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