At the core of the MLK Mural experience are the young people who participate. Thousands of young men and women have been a part of the Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural process since its conception. All young artists were considered based on their need, experience, artistic skills, and dedication to the process of creating public art.

MLK Mural kids learn about their neighborhoods and actively participate in making them better places to live. They create their own communities by forming positive peer groups where they participate in the beautification of the places they call home. The goal is to show young men and women who are in a transitional phase in their lives (approaching high school graduation) the realities and benefits of both working in the arts and working to improve their communities. MLK Mural youth participate in positive activities in a safe environment. They learn the basics of Art and Design while working hands on with professional artists. 

The instructors involved with the kids are established and experienced educators who are providing artistic guidance while sharing with them their experiences as living, working artists. Some of the youth will go on to pursue higher education in the arts or consider careers in creative fields. Others will become more cognizant of their role in society and become better citizens of the world. One thing is clear that every young person who participates in the MLK Mural process leaves feeling good knowing they participated in something cool, fun, and positive. MLK creates a paradigm shift for youth showing them that it is cool to be make positive choices in life.

The MLK Community Mural Project offers a rare opportunity to not only learn about history, but also be a part of history. The MLK Mural youth have an opportunity to become members and leaders in their communities and make the world a better place to live one mural at a time    

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