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MLK Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year again, all the Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and much more! And we here at MLK Community Mural Project wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sticking by us as we go through another holiday. Your love and support means the world to us! So have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


MLK Employee Creating A Mini Fashion Collection!


MLK Employee Creating A Mini Fashion Collection!

MLK is lucky to have employed an up-and-coming fashion designer! Lately, she has been working on a series of mini collections that pertain to different murals that MLK has created! This has been an on going process, and is an idea thought up solely by her. So please enjoy a sneak peak of the next mini collection's moodboard and fashion sketches done by Samantha!

Below is a blurb of her inspiration for this collection!

As Thanksgiving is in only a couple of days I decided I would focus on the Strip District Mural which showcases a sort of cornucopia of foods. By utilizing the rich color palette shown in the mural and taking inspiration from the simple circular shapes of the mural I have created a 5 piece capsule collection. I also took some part of the actual mural and translated those into prints on the designs.
— Samantha

Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our social media! Stay tuned for more mini collections! 

-MLK Community Mural Project



Models Wanted For Live Mural Installation & Photoshoot!

MLK Community Mural Project is seeking Models ages 18+ for a live model installation and photoshoot. You must be willing to be painted!!

This is a fun photoshoot that is unpaid! 

Please email us or contact us on our Facebook @MLKCommunityMuralProject if you are interested in being a part of this! From there you will receive more information! This is only open to models able to come to Pittsburgh, transportation and logging will not be provided!

The photoshoot will take place on December 5th 2015! We hope to see you there!



Help MLK Employee: Aziza Craig Get To London!

We are proud to announce that one of our employees: Aziza Craig has the fortunate opportunity to go to London! The only thing stopping her is finances. She has recently applied for a scholarship to help pay for her trip to London and she needs your help! 

The Process is simple! 

How to Vote for Aziza!
1. Click the link:
2. Click vote
3. Enter your email
4. Click the link in your email and you have officially voted!


Voting is open till Nov. 6th!!

Lets get Aziza to London!!!



Interview with Muralist/Artist Paola Delfin

MLK Community Mural Project has recently teamed up with an amazing and talented artist; Paola Delfin to complete a mural at 904 California ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212 on the Northern side of Pittsburgh. Check out this quick video of the artist herself at work! Paola Delfin Working on Northside Mural 


Paola Delfin Muralist/Artist Interview!

1. What is Your Name?

My name is Paola Delfin.

2. Where are you from?

I'm from Mexico City.

3. How long have you been painting murals?

I have been painting since i am a kid but i started to paint bigger formats a couple years ago.

4. What was your inspiration behind the mural you did/are creating with MLK?

The mural i painted for this project, is called "Juntos" (which means together) and i found out the origin of the neighborhood, and why is it called "Mexican war streets". This is because it is named after the American and Mexican war, a war that hasn't really stopped yet. This wall is also located at North side Pittsburgh and the neighborhood is mostly a "Black neighborhood" that struggles with many problems. The meaning behind the mural talks about equality, because racism is still a high issue not only between Mexico and America after many years, but also between blacks and whites. I think this is a worldwide problem which has to stop. The two babies inside the same circle or space represent two different human beings which could be from any race, being born together in the same world.

5. What is your favorite part of the mural making process?

Being able to interact with the neighbors which were amazing, also to talk with the kids and hear about their opinions, the people there were great.

6. Is there going to be a mural unveiling for your mural with MLK?

Im not sure lol im far away now, back home but if there is any please send pics hehe.

7. Can anyone show up for the mural unveiling?

Of course, the mural is made for the people there.

If you enjoyed this interview make sure to share it with your friends and leave us a comment below! 





MLK Mural On the Cover of The Miami Herald!

MLK Community Mural Project as well as some partners and friends such as: Wolfgang Mosaic and Kevin "Smurf" Morris were lucky to be featured on the cover of The Miami Herald newspaper this past June 1st 2015! Check out the image below, and pick up your copy if you haven't already! 



MLK Model Call Official Date Rescheduled!

MLK Community Mural Project is hosting another Model Call in Pittsburgh, PA on June 8 at 12pm. This is for an excellent cost and we hope to see all of your smiling faces this Monday at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh! No experience necessary and all ages are welcomes!


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