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Interview with Muralist/Artist Paola Delfin

MLK Community Mural Project has recently teamed up with an amazing and talented artist; Paola Delfin to complete a mural at 904 California ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212 on the Northern side of Pittsburgh. Check out this quick video of the artist herself at work! Paola Delfin Working on Northside Mural 


Paola Delfin Muralist/Artist Interview!

1. What is Your Name?

My name is Paola Delfin.

2. Where are you from?

I'm from Mexico City.

3. How long have you been painting murals?

I have been painting since i am a kid but i started to paint bigger formats a couple years ago.

4. What was your inspiration behind the mural you did/are creating with MLK?

The mural i painted for this project, is called "Juntos" (which means together) and i found out the origin of the neighborhood, and why is it called "Mexican war streets". This is because it is named after the American and Mexican war, a war that hasn't really stopped yet. This wall is also located at North side Pittsburgh and the neighborhood is mostly a "Black neighborhood" that struggles with many problems. The meaning behind the mural talks about equality, because racism is still a high issue not only between Mexico and America after many years, but also between blacks and whites. I think this is a worldwide problem which has to stop. The two babies inside the same circle or space represent two different human beings which could be from any race, being born together in the same world.

5. What is your favorite part of the mural making process?

Being able to interact with the neighbors which were amazing, also to talk with the kids and hear about their opinions, the people there were great.

6. Is there going to be a mural unveiling for your mural with MLK?

Im not sure lol im far away now, back home but if there is any please send pics hehe.

7. Can anyone show up for the mural unveiling?

Of course, the mural is made for the people there.

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