What is your Name?

 Nicole Richardson

What is your Organization’s Name?

Touching Families Inc.

What is your title/position?

Administrative Department Director

How was your organization involved with MLK Mural?

We were a sponsor for the Summer Food Service Program Touching Families we provided daily nutritious lunches to the youth working with the MLK MURAL

What project or projects were you involved with?

Oakland, Northside, Strip District

What did working with MLK Mural teach you?

Working with the MLK project showed the dedication that our youth have. Even on the hottest days they were there ready to learn and put what they learned into the murals.

What impact do you think MLK Mural had on the individuals you work with?

While I didn’t work directly with the youth I saw their eagerness, dedication, and commitment to the projects. For 5 weeks over the summer, they were there Monday to Friday not just having fun painting but in the classroom learning new skills. I’m sure this project fueled their passion for art as some students came back to the unveiling that I was grateful to attend in Oakland. It gave them another accomplishment to be proud of.

Any other thoughts about MLK Mural?

MLK Mural is an opportunity for the youth and community to build a sense of pride and gain valuable life skills. It was awesome to hear the members of the Oakland community comment how they changed their daily walking route so that they can walk pass the murals!!


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