What is your Name?

My name is BethAnne Crawford

What is your Organization's Name?

The Bridge of Pittsburgh

What is your title/position?

Industry Liaison

How was your organization involved with MLK Mural?

The Bridge of Pittsburgh has collaborated with MLK for several years. We have provide Youth workers for the MLK Project. This past summer we provided 12 youth workers for the Oakland Project. 

What project or projects were you involved with? (locations)

We recently participated in both Semple Street Projects in Oakland. We have previously participated in the MLK Jr. Bus Way Project and the projects in The Strip District.

What did working with MLK Mural teach you?

Working with MLK is always a rewarding experience. Watching the growth and development of the youth workers was amazing. Knowing we have and continue to make a difference in the lives of the youth is always a teachable experience. 

What impact do you think MLK Mural had on the individuals you work with?

The youth who participated in the project had a since of pride and connectivity to the community. Some of our participants were very reserved and shy, however by the conclusion of the program they were taking an active role in the team work and  communicating with staff and peers. The youth evolved into vocal confident youth employees.

What was the best part of working with MLK Mural?

The staff at MLK makes it a note worthy experience. I believe one of the many benefits is having the youth witness the evolution of the project. Knowing this is something that they completed. They can show their family and friends the beautiful mural.

Who did you work with? 

Gene Ojeda and Olga Brindar were the lead Artist that we worked with on this project. They were great with our youth they went above and beyond to make the comfortable, but yet accountable for their work. 

Any other thoughts about MLK Mural?

This is a great organization and we look forward to future projects.

BethAnne Crawford!

BethAnne Crawford!



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