As the youth artist’s + managers first week comes to a close, it should be noted that all of our sites have positive and enthusiastic reports! Thank you to all of the local businesses, supporters (and yes, that shout-out goes out to all of those who lovingly honk and throw thumbs-up signs to site workers), professional and youth artists, staff, and just about anyone else who has pulled together and made this first week a success.

The first day of the week included fitness for all, and some staff (this youth director included) are still feeling the pain of their quads – days after the sprints and lunges in between classwork and ice breakers.

The remaining two work days under the hot sun included getting to know the wall(s). With primer and chalk lines going up on otherwise empty walls all over the city, the summer 2009 mural kick-off is among us! Some of the sites were even able to draw, outline in paint washes, and fill in significant portions of their designs.

With smiles (or appreciation heard over the phone as nightly check-ins took place) all around; coupled with bonding, and cohesive efforts to collaborate, create and build within beautiful Pittsburgh areas, the first of many hours on the project are right on track.

Keep an eye out for next week updates, including the unveiling of each site’s team name and logo!


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