Wednesday October 1st 2014 MLK Mural and The Education Effect of FIU held an unveiling of the mural painted at Miami Northwestern High School at the end of last school year. Paired with the celebration was the unveiling of the Student Art Gallery that MLK Mural helped create along with the School's art teacher Mrs. Admire. The event was well attended by the principal, students, parents, funders, and school board members. Since schools across america are cutting arts programming, it is nice to see a school in Miami's city center getting an investment in the arts and arts education. There is a great deal of talent that is developing at MNW and this student driven mural and student art gallery really proves it. 

The mural gives the youth an opportunity to participate in the living history of their school. It gives them the chance to express themselves, on a public stage, and gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their school. We at Moving Lives of Kids are creating a paradigm shift in they way students view education; That is school becomes cool because you enjoy how you are learning. Most schools in america have grey walls and florescent lights and every room looks the same from math, to science, and english, but when you shatter that, break the monotony, and make it colorful, stimulating and full of rich history, learning becomes something you look forward to.


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