Moving Lives of Kids Teamed up with Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, Pinnacle, Miami Foundation, and Sherwin Williams to create a fun community mural at Brownsville Middle School in Miami. Dozens of volunteers came out to help create something colorful and beautiful for the school. Remember it's Better in Brownsville!

My name is Rachelle Salnave. I have been living in the South Florida area for the past 3 years with my 2 daughters and dog. I discovered through a posting on Facebook that Brownsville Middle School needed assistance in sprucing up their school.

Located in the heart of Brownsville, an area in Miami, FL and known to many as a historical African-American neighborhood, I really had no idea what to expect, I just wanted to lend a hand.


When I arrived, people from all walks off life were working on a beautiful mural. Meeting Edward, the visionary behind the project, we spoke a bit about our backgrounds, our shared love for Haiti and what art can do to stimulate learning. He asked me if I could shoot some video of the community mural experience on my I-phone.


It was amazing meeting all the wonderful students and community organizers excited to create a bare wall into a work of art. When the kids from the Brownsville Middle School come back from summer vacation, they will be greeted with an artistic mater piece designed with love; a gift for the kids given by the community.

Rachelle Salnave is a Documentary filmmaker based in South Florida. To learn more about Rachelle and her work visit


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