MLK is fortunate enough to have Micci Hutterer participate in another interview for our blog today. This time she will be speaking about her summer experiences working on the Squirrel Hill Mural as well as with the kids from MLK this year! Enjoy!  

Can you tell me a little about the Squirrel Hill Mural?

The Sq. Hill Mural is on the corner of Beacon and Murray, it extends around the back of the building and onto the roof wall of the building next door.  It is the "Green Mural" a graphic depiction of the street names and leaf print designs that spell out Sq. Hill and Murray Ave.

What was your favorite part of working on this mural? And Why?

The kids did an awesome job and worked very hard and put their efforts into creating something extremely nice! The best part was watching them learn and grow as young adults not only in the sense of artistic skill but as people. They started out relatively talented and were very open to the art lessons and the mural painting, but they also learned how to function as a group and they got along well. We had a few bumps in the journey caused by outside events that occurred in their lives but the kids stuck together and supported one another and that's what makes it worth the effort! Each time I spend a summer with MLK Mural we become family with the kids, that's my favorite part, to make our little space in the world more beautiful not only literally but figuratively as well! We hope they learn and carry on!

Who came up with the concept for the mural?

Eddie Rawson started the mural on Beacon and Murray last summer, and this is a continuation of his design.



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