Saturday November 9th 2013, 4:30PM – 7:30PM, Moving the Lives of Kids Art Center (MLK Mural) is pleased to present the “Art of Life” as part of Pittsburgh Filmmaker’s Three Rivers Film Festival. The film will be shown at the Melwood Theater located at 477 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213.

The feature length film is the directorial debut of famed mural artist, and Executive Director of MLK Mural, Kyle Holbrook. The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the makers of the film.

Many young men and women living in hoods across America suffer the absence of a path or a toolkit for survival. Sometimes that toolkit is there, but they just need a guide or an angel to show them to it. In the “Art of Life” the two lead characters Chay and Cheyanne, are looking for a way out of the suffocating pain and misery of their surroundings, but they need a plan. As both develop their artistic skills, their future prospects grow brighter, even if their present environment maintains darkness. Well they be able to escape to the light? In this story, which blends the magic of cinema, animation, sketches, paintings and music, we learn that art is all around us, and realizing this could help make survival more vividly apparent to those trapped in the dark.

Artist Kyle Holbrook directed and costarred in the film playing a magical and mythical character named “Art.” His character blurs the line of reality and is the manifestation of their inspiration, and a guide to their redemption for both lead characters.

Also costarring in the film is Pittsburgh artist Vanessa German, who plays a several roles in the film serving as a muse and inspiration for the characters.

“Art of Life” features original music by Pittsburgh native Mac Miller. The Pittsburgh musician only held one job in his life prior to becoming the famed musician and reality show star that he is today, working with MLK Mural. He helped write original music for the film, and worked behind the camera filming sections of the film.

This unique organic and artistic film features scenes shot inside the Allegheny County Jail, in the middle of the marches during the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, and on site during the production of several MLK Mural Projects around Pittsburgh. “Art of Life” also features several original pieces by MLK Mural artists woven into scenes as animation.

Audiences will be blown away by this artfully crafted film, which features great artistic and acting talent from Pittsburgh. The film’s unique and organic process of writing and directing will be discussed during a panel discussion following the film. Art world, immerse yourself within it.

WHAT: Debut of “Art of Life” film, followed by panel discussion makers of the film

WHERE:  Three Rivers Film Festival

                477 Melwood Ave

                 Pittsburgh PA 15213

WHEN:  SATURDAY, November  9TH 4:30pm  – 7:30pm


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