First up to bat is Micci Hutterer! 

What is your name?

Micci Hutterer

When did you begin working with MLK Mural? 

At first I encouraged many of my High School students to participate with the murals on the Bus way and in Wilkinsburg. I would recommend at least 10 of my portfolio students every summer.  In 2011 I painted/taught a mural in East Hills with a group of young women. I did this under the request of Joy Taylor.  It was awesome to work with those girls I wanted to stay involved on that level of involvement with MLK.

 What was your role with MLK Mural? Were you painting murals? Teaching?

This past summer I did a little of both painting and teaching.  Mainly teaching.

What project or projects did you work on? (locations)

I was the artist/teacher and site manager of the 29th & Penn Avenue project and our group also helped complete the Regatta canvas.

What did working at MLK teach you? 

That we are never too old to learn things from each other and we should never set limitations upon ourselves.

What impact do you think MLK Mural had on the individuals you worked with?

It is my hope that being involved with the program taught them at the very least an appreciation for art and the visual narrative that a mural truly is…and I know that they really learn so much more by their involvement, how to go to work cooperate with others to make things happen, how to be positive and filter that energy into everything you do and I could go on and on…

Who did you work with? (any memorable youth)

I worked with Eddie Rawson, Gene O., Kyle Holbrook and Berry Breene, some of the more memorable youth …well all of them but a few really do stand out, Jonathan, Charles and Jamea and Dan.  We all became a little extended family on the site, without question!

Did MLK Mural help you get to where you are now? How? (Mentally, physically, spiritually?)

I am a 34yr. Experienced teacher with the Woodland Hills School District so in light of professionally, not really but mentally and spiritually, its wonderful to share with the kids and the staff, it’s fulfilling.

Any other thoughts about MLK Mural?

MLK Mural project has so much room to grow in bringing the arts to kids and communities, it’s wonderful.

Do you have a few favorite photos or video from your experience I could add to the piece?


A photo of the artist!


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