1. What is your name?

Madeline Tyska

2. How long have you been working with MLK?

Since June 2014 

3. What part did you play in the mural?

I was the part time Site Manager.  Frank Kolesha was the other Site Manager.  We were responsible for holding the youth employees accountable for professional work ethics and teaching them art curriculum during the six weeks.  

4. What is the site managers job?

The site managers ensured the youth displayed reputable conduct on site.  They monitor time sheets, making sure the youth show up to work on time.  They oversee all youth professionalism such as behavior, attire, and attitude.  Additionally, site managers educate the students on a six-week curriculum that teaches fundamental art concepts.     

5. What was the inspiration for the mural?

The inspiration for this mural was the Oakland Community.  They have implemented the Oakland 2025 Master Plan, which calls for neighborhood beautification as a top priority.  This mural is a reflection of this vibrant community, with the bright colors chosen and symbolic oak leaves.  

6. Did the mural go the way you planned?

Yes, the mural turned out beautifully.  But besides the end product, it was the process that was the best part.  Many bonds were formed among all participants and several life lessons were learned at the wall.

7. Is there anything you would change, or wish would of have happened differently?

I cannot say there is anything I would change.  Maybe I would make it longer than six weeks, so I could spend more time with everyone!

8. Where is the unveiling happening?

370 Atwood Street.  It is on the side wall of Mad Mex in Oakland

9. Can anyone show up for the mural?

Yes!  The more the merrier! 

10. Can you tell me about the unveiling, who will be there, what will be happening?

The unveiling is meant to be a celebration of the combined efforts of all youth, artists, and site managers that worked on the mural together.  It celebrates the collaboration and beautification of the Oakland Community.  Many members who worked on the mural will be there as well as the Oakland Panning and Development Corporation (OPDC) who was in partnership with MLK. We have refreshments and a ribbon cutting ceremony planned.  There will be several opportunities to speak with participants of the mural to learn about their experiences.  

11. Have you ever designed a mural before? 

This mural was my first with MLK.  Lucas Stock deserves credit for designing this particular mural.  


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